Evil Dead: The Game Collector Edition Updates

Greetings, Deadite-slayers, we are close to the launch date of EVIL DEAD: THE GAME on May 13.

Soon you will be enjoying your copy of EVIL DEAD: THE GAME, along with a fantastic box of other groovy goodies we have assembled for you!  We want to update you on your Collector Edition, how and when you will receive certain notifications and content, and important info on the game soundtrack below:

Emails and communication:

You will be receiving additional communications this week from the Boss Team Games email collector@bossteamgames.com. To help ensure delivery please add this email to your contacts list. The emails will be sent to the email address you used when placing your order. All of these subsequent emails will be sent by 5pm PT on the following dates listed below. If you do not receive your email by that time on these dates, please check your SPAM/Junk Folder and, if don’t see a Boss Team Games email there, please contact us at collector@bossteamgames.com..

  • 5/10/2022: Tracking number for U.S. orders
  • 5/12/2022: Tracking number for international orders
  • 5/12/2022: Codes for game download and pre-order bonus skins for international orders
  • 5/12/2022: Savini Ash and Season Pass DLC codes for all orders

Shipment of U.S. orders:

Our fulfillment group worked through the weekend to finish packaging and preparing thousands of Collector Editions and we plan to have all U.S. copies shipped today, May 9.

Tracking of U.S. orders:

U.S. orders will receive an email on May 10 that includes your specific tracking information.  If you signed up with text notifications you will receive a text that instructs you on how to submit your email, which is required to provide you with game and DLC codes.

Once you receive your tracking information you will be able to log in to your Shopify profile to receive updates on your order status.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at collector@bossteamgames.com and we will assist you.

When and how will U.S. orders receive their pre-order skins:

U.S. players will receive their codes for pre-order skins (S-Mart Employee and Gallant Knight Ash skins) inside the physical box copy of the game that is shipped with the Collector Edition.

Delivery of international orders:

Know that we are working hard to get all of the international orders out as quickly as possible and expect to provide overseas players with their tracking numbers no later than Thursday, May 12.

Making sure international players get the game by launch day

Because international shipping takes longer and may be subject to customs or other delays, we have decided to provide all customers outside the United States with a digital download key so that you can play EVIL DEAD: THE GAME on launch day, May 13.  You will receive this code, which will allow you to access the Deluxe Edition of the game with pre-order DLC in a separate email on May 12.

How you will receive the Savini Ash skin, the pre-order skins, and the Season Pass:

As noted above we will be sending out emails containing codes to the Season Pass and Savini Ash skin to all Collector Edition orders on May 12.  For U.S. orders the codes required to download the pre-order skins (S-Mart and Gallant Knight Ash) will be included in the physical copy of the game included with the Collector Edition. For international orders these codes will come with the game download code being sent to you on May 12.

Finally, a note regarding the soundtrack album:

When we originally offered the Collector Edition we were given timelines that allowed us to easily meet the production needs of each item.  Recently, however, a number of issues,  including unprecedented demand for new vinyl albums, forced us to delay delivery of the Vinyl Album with the rest of the Collector Edition items. We sincerely regret this and want you to know we that we are working to quickly get this piece of the bundle to you as fast as possible. We will cover all additional costs to package and ship the album to you separately later this year.  When we receive a specific release date we will email you again with an update.

Because of this delay we have included a special poster of the album concept artwork that you will find inside the Collector Edition.  On the back, we have included a unique code that entitles you to a download of the full album.  Additionally, we are including some bonus tracks with the digital version that couldn’t fit on the vinyl album.

We will continue to provide updates via e-mail and on our official Twitter @BossTeamGames.  We also welcome any questions you may have at collector@bossteamgames.com.

Thank you for your support and understanding and we looking forward to seeing you in the cabin soon!

Boss Team Games 

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